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Privacy Policy

Nash Corporation (here after "Company") established the following personal information protection policy, and build a system of personal information protection, will promote the protection of personal information by making efforts and recognition of the importance of protecting personal information to all employees.

■ Administration of personal information
We keep the personal information of our customers accurate and up to date, maintain and update our security system and train employees, in order to prevent such unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, leakage of personal information and make the strict management of personal information.

■ Intended purpose of personal information
We use personal information that was entrusted us by our customers only when we contact each customers by either telephone, email or post in order to reply to inquiries or sending promotional materials.

■ Prohibition of disclosure of personal information to a third party
We do not disclose personal information of our customers to any third party, unless situation falls under any of the following;
- If customer agrees to do so.
- If we need to disclose to one of our contracted partners in order to perform the services that are desired by customer.
- If it is necessary to disclose according to laws / regulations.

■ Personal information safety measures
We have taken all possible measures of security in order to protect Customers personal information.

■ Disclosure, modification and delete of personal information
If customer wishes to disclose, modify or delete his/her personal information, we can do so after confirming his/her identification.

■ Compliance of laws and regulations
We follow the laws and regulations of Japan concerning to personal information protection, and review the contents of this policy as appropriate.

■ Contact Us
Please contact us below should you have any question concerning to our handling of personal information.

Nash Corporation
Tel: +81-28-656-7920