Natural Herb Color contains Diamines including p-phenylenediamine (PPD). A person who has diamine allergy must NOT be dyed by products. Do a patch test for hours/days according to the law of your country.

None Damage Color Menu

No damage, No stimulus and Relaxation with Aroma fragrance.Natural Herb Color gives beautiful treatment effect and perfect brightness.

Fashion Tone Down
- Cold color

Purple 2 : Clear 2: Light Beige 1

Fashion Tone Fown
- Warm color

Red 2 : Clear 1: Light Brown 1


Brown 4 : Orange 1


Light Brown 3 : Brown 1

Damageless Color Menu Using Natural Herb Color with Alkaline Hair Dye

Combination with alkaline color, lighten the root first, once wash out the alkaline, then cover both the lighted root and the hair tip with Natural Herb Color.
With the treatment effect of herb color, the damage of the root will be minimum and no alkaline to the hair tip, which keeps the hair healthy with bright tone.

Fashion Grey

Root: Alkaline Color 10 level (product of other brands)
Tip: Light Brown 2 : Clear 2 : Orange 1

Fashion Grey

Root: Alkaline Color 8 level (product of other brands)
Tip: Light Brown 3 : Clear 3 : Blue 1


Natural Aroma Treatment /
Natural Aroma Treatment SPA

With Natural Herb Color “CLEAR” and Aroma O2 Water, you can add another excellent menu.

This is a treatment menu without any chemical ingredients.
100% natural treatment, with relaxation effect by Aroma, brings natural brightness and promotes blood circulation of scalp.

Aroma Treatment

Natural Herb Color “CLEAR” 1 : Aroma O2 Water 4, plus Hair Salad 10% of Clear & Aroma O2 Water